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Closet Clearout

CLCL - collageCloset Clearout with Tink
21 days • 7 mails


If you’re like Tink, you probably have a lot of clothes that you don’t wear. Either they don’t fit well or the color is wrong or they were a gift you didn’t like so much. Maybe you hang on to worn out things for sentimental reasons.  Even if you clean your closet and dressers regularly, extra clothes accumulate as if by magic.

In this 21 day challenge, we are cleaning out clothes closet, dressers, shoes, accessories and clothes we have in storage. Tink’s exclusive “5 pile” method helps you to sort things into practical categories to help you declutter your wardrobe without too much heartache or time.


Let’s say goodbye to our extra clothes step-by step, doing one category at a time:

  1. Starting with Style
  2. Socks & Underwear
  3. The Main Closet
  4. Workout and Casual
  5. Shoes and Outerwear
  6. Seasonal and Storage
  7. Accessories

Every three days, you’ll receive an e-mail prompt with instructions on how to take action to clear out another area of your clothes storage. The challenge starts as soon as you sign up.

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